Improving EMR System Satisfaction to Reduce Burnout

In a 2023 survey of 1760 healthcare workers, an incredible 91.1% of nurses and 79.9% of all healthcare workers said they experienced high levels of burnout, with 61.0% of nurses also reporting low levels of job satisfaction compared with 38.8% for other healthcare workers.

To say that clinician frustration and burnout are major concerns for healthcare leaders would be an understatement. That is one reason why we are always looking for new ways to help clinicians save time and alleviate frustration.

Our new InterSystems TrakCare Assistant feature streamlines and personalises electronic medical record (EMR) system workflows, helping clinicians speed up EMR interactions, improve productivity and reduce stress. With TrakCare Assistant, clinicians spend less time navigating menus and clicking through screens, and more time focusing on patients.

Reimagining the EMR User Experience

Every clinician makes a unique contribution to patient care. When it comes to EMR systems, every clinician has a particular set of requirements based on their role and personal preferences.

The types of medical records a cardiologist accesses on a daily basis are different than the records a surgeon accesses. And the information a neurologist needs is different than the information an oncologist uses. On top of that, each doctor and nurse has a distinct workflow and patient engagement strategy, and ends up using the EMR system in a different way. And, importantly, most users spend the majority of their time repeating the same, common tasks for each patient.

Unfortunately, most EMR systems are not optimised to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of different users. When it comes to user interface designs, most EMRs take more of a one size fits all approach. Clinicians navigate through a hierarchy of screens and menus trying to find the information they need, which takes time and makes an already stressful job even more challenging. TrakCare Assistant was born out of a desire to streamline routine tasks and deliver a more personalised user experience that eliminates inefficiencies and reduces frustration.

TrakCare Assistant reimagines the EMR user interface. Rather than traversing a menu system, you just type keywords and phrases into a search box and TrakCare Assistant intelligently guides you to the right EMR screen or function – quickly, easily and intuitively. TrakCare Assistant improves user experiences, eliminating repetitive steps and distractions, accelerating workflows.

TrakCare Assistant Automatically Learns Your Behaviour and Preferences

One of the most innovative things about TrakCare Assistant is that it learns your behaviour and adapts to your preferences, automatically suggesting chart displays and common actions based on your past choices. It provides a personalised experience, without requiring any manual configuration or customisation. And it gets smarter over time. The more you use it, the better it understands your habits.

Researchers have long recognised the importance of personalisation in EMR designs. A 2018 KLAS Research survey of over 40,000 clinicians concluded that “increased adoption of EHR personalisation can have an immediate, positive impact on provider satisfaction.”

In the KLAS study, 81% of organisations that had high levels of EHR personalisation achieved above average Net EHR Experience Scores, while 89% of organisations that had low levels of EHR personalisation achieved below average Net EHR Experience Scores. (The Net EHR Experience Score is calculated by subtracting the percent of negative user feedback from the percent of positive user feedback across factors such as the EHR’s efficiency, functionality and impact on care.)

And a 2023 KLAS Research study identifies EHR personalisation as the top success factor of highly satisfied EHR users.

In my work leading the InterSystems TrakCare® product team I often meet with customers to understand what product enhancements are needed to support their business and clinical challenges. “Too many clicks” is a common refrain (and it is not unique to TrakCare; it is true for most EMR systems).

That’s why I’m so excited about TrakCare Assistant. By streamlining EMR workflows and personalising the user experience, I think TrakCare Assistant will help alleviate stress and increase satisfaction for clinicians. We’ve made it simple to implement and included it with all TrakCare licenses. And since it doesn’t rely on any external services or AI, our clients can take advantage of it right away, without incurring any additional software or integration expenses.