2016 Healthcare Marketing Trends: A Smith & Jones White Paper


In 2016, hospitals will essentially need to be everywhere, whenever a consumer is searching for them; in such a way that it feels like that piece of content was written exclusively for him or her. That type of efficiency and relevance is what will drive patients and prospective patients to convert. If your healthcare organization aims to help make patients’ lives easier through its content and digital marketing, it will see a lot of success in the coming year. Through this white paper, we’ll discuss our predictions for healthcare marketing in 2016.


Speed And Personalization Of Content Are Popular Themes In 2016. Content marketing is here to stay, but if your hospital wants to play, it needs to up its game. In 2016, it’s no longer enough to publish good, relevant content. Consumers are used to doing things on their own time, from mobile banking to online shopping to renewing their title and registration on the DMV website. With 24/7 customer service lines, online and mobile platforms, consumers no longer expect to be restricted to normal business hours to complete their to-do list. The same goes for healthcare.

Click-to-Schedule is another trick which has already gained quite a momentum with Amazon, Pinterest, Instagram and many others. This will play an integral part to the Healthcare Industry this year as well. In 2015, hospitals and healthcare organizations were encouraged to build responsive websites for mobile users. In mid 2015, Google issued an algorithm change that stated it would penalize non-responsive sites. In 2016, there’s no excuse for a cluttered or non-mobile-friendly website. Healthcare consumers want websites that are responsive, clean and easily navigable.

It’s always interesting to watch marketing trends develop over the course of a year, especially when national trends make their way down to the local healthcare level. There are translations that take place, of course, such as “click-to-buy” changing to “click-to-schedule” and brand reputation becoming more personal with return on community. However, there is one thing that remains the same: consumers expect convenience. This means they are looking for the ability to complete things online (on a clean, responsive site), easily find high-quality content, and quickly learn the main points before the end of their lunch break. In 2016, aim to make patients lives easier, and they’ll reward you for it.

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